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The parallel aspect occurs when two or more planets, house cusps and spatial points are at the same declination above or below the ecliptic, and the contra-parallel aspect occurs above and below the ecliptic.
The function of the parallel is to express the energy of the participating planets (etc) and the native or nativity and is likened to evocation of inner energies and allows the native to focus energy outward in a coordinated way,  being the wand.
Contra-parallels allow energy out in a more diffused way, perfect for water talismans.

The aspects that occur in the plane of the ecliptic or zodiac energize inwardly through invocation, you being the vessel (or cup).

When a conjunction occurs with a parallel, producing an eclipse, then invocation and evocation happens at the same time, = energy in and out; you are the conduit and your awareness is the talisman. Again dependent upon the planets’, and your own positions in the charts.  Observe ‘The Star’ tarot card.  Better still, try a total solar eclipse.  
When any aspect occurs with a parallel, the energy will depend on the type of aspect but the ‘in-out’ process is the same.

Astrology, has for a long long time, been a timetable of possible events based on the aspects in the heavens and their relationships to the nativity. Whether or not the reality of these energies is ever realised is then a subject of the will of the native and it often ends as a frustration.
Consequently the natives are perpetually topping up on stellar energy with very little chance of successful evocation. This tends toward obesity of the ‘spirit- soul-water’.
Parallels can be the release valve of this glut of cosmic complacency. Slimness of spirit generally reflects on the material plane without mind numbing dietary palavers.
Handle with care, emptiness as a tool of discovery in our symbiotic relationship with eternity can really put you out there. To help, seek some fetish object which reflects the energies you are working with and evoke these energies into it. Some people use Tarot, I like things. If you are a busy juggler you could, probably, collect a whole solar system of such objects in no time at all.  
If the parallel is worked well and a deficit is created within, then, as nature abhors a vacuum, nature will fill it, it can be a little lonely until it happens.
If the moon is 15°Libra-15°Scorpio have a party instead.
If any planet is 19° Libra-11°Sagittarius expect it to figure in some kind of reorganization after it leaves the sector.
Examples:-     Jupiter Uranus       Mercury  Pluto     Sun C+P Moon, Mercury, Uranus and P Saturn        Sun C+P Jupiter      Pluto P Venus
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