Later on, on the same day, at 20:08, Pluto and Venus make a semi-quintile whilst still in orb of the parallel. Any aspect formed from a multiple of 72° [1/5th of a circle] is assumed to be a special talent. The houses that the specific planets involved, rule, will signify the area of your life the talent enriches.

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Pluto is at 2° Capricorn early on the 25th November 2009. It is past the cusp and active; and it will be another 248 years until it happens again. The first parallel Pluto makes after 2° is to Venus at 5:07 gmt on the 28th. Its declination is 18°:15’:15” South. If you have a planet or house (natal or progressed) at 16°:15” to 20°:15” S or N, you may want to charge a talisman or something. The energy is love and art and music.
There is a chant and an image for energising yourself prior to the parallel, an hour should do it.
The pace and melody is up to you. Here is a phonetic version.