On February the 25th 2010, at 9:53 am we have a Sun-Jupiter parallel at 9° 3’29” South, the conjunction is on the 28th at 10:44 am at 9° 44’ 4” of Pisces.
If you have any links to your natal the energy of Sun-Jupiter can be evoked towards them after their fashion on the parallel. (Jupiter’s energy needs to be actively passed on to remain safe).
If not, then charge a suitable talisman as a gift.
The conjunction, invoked, will fill that strangely empty-hungry feeling left from the parallel.
There is a chant and an image for energising yourself prior to the parallel, an hour should do it.
The pace and melody is up to you. Here is a phonetic version.
To find your parallels go to http://astrodienst.tirol.com/cgi/hk.cgi  and join for free.