The other side of the Apocalypse
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   The Mayan calendar ends at the winter solstice 2012 AD when the sun conjuncts The Sacred Tree.

     This one looks good, not many Apocrypha give the time and place for cosmic events. Just in case they aren't around to see it. Or are they? This may be the tree that your kin came down from and may come down from again for the next cycle.  Say lavee.
    For early Mesoamerican skywatchers, the slow approach of the winter solstice sun to the Sacred Tree was seen as a critical process, the culmination of which was surely worthy of being called (The Long Count), the end of a World Age. The channel would then be open through the winter solstice doorway, up the Sacred Tree, the Xibalba be , to the centre of the churning heavens, the Heart of Sky.