The other side of the Apocalypse
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                                    Shake a dice.

1     Waterworld
2     The Day After Tomorrow
3     The Day The Earth Caught Fire
4     Resident Evil (The MRSA Imperative)
5     Day of the Triffids
6     Shaun of the Dead (The Aspartamoon Saga)
Everyone’s a winner
     1.   The ice has melted. The high salinity of the oceans is reducing. Marine life is saved from impending extinction. Not a lot of land. (People will build huge, self sufficient, solar powered, floating doughnut shaped cities). But probably not.
    2.   Everywhere above and below 15° latitude is frozen solid. Survivors head for the equator and ethnically cleanse it.
     3.   Nuclear tests have dislodged the Earth from its orbit and as it heads slowly for the sun it boils away. A glancing blow from a passing (very close) body could do the same, but, the sussed could survive on Mars at the Alternative 3 complex.
     5.   The genetically evolved Triffid, prized for its oil, escapes and cleanses a world, filled mostly, of people freshly blinded by meteor radiation. The genetically modified plants are eventually controlled by a frustrated couple in a lighthouse. I’ll bet Freud did the storyboards and shuffled the Tarot cards.
 4.   We all die in hospital.
      6.  Aspartamoon, a neurotoxin and sweetener used in soft drinks caused the drinkers to embark on a search for brains. The tribes called ‘beer drinker’, ‘dope smoker’ and ‘iffy autonomist’ are immune because they eat sugar. They escape. They exploit the flaws in their characters for comic relief until the sugared soldiers arrive to cleanse the area.