The other side of the Apocalypse
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    The debate goes on, if you are a carer, an artist, an artisan, a farmer, a worker,a family person, in short, a service provider, then you have strong Neanderthal characteristics in your make-up. Conversely, shop-keepers, managers, successful rulers, international secret Societies, in short, users, are more Sapiens. Or so the diatribes go.
Which leaves an interesting proposition. The Fathers DNA contributes the gentler nurturing characteristics and the Mothers DNA provides the survival and defence attributes and perhaps unfortunately, perhaps not, the mix will be uncertain.  So Sap v Ug.
 Dad and Mom
Dad and Mom
    One thing is certain, it can be bred out. Perhaps the only part of  humanity that can perceive the infinities is this bi-polar-esque relationship between two extinct species that melded together in the dim distant past and became the first creature that could talk to itself and sometimes have a sensible conversation; and, it can be bred out with careful ritualisation, and exclusion.        So?      
    If it can be bred out, it can be recognised. Martial arts like ‘Tai Chi’ help to calm the egocentric and domineering sapiens and entice out the shyer more powerful honey monster and bring them to harmony. The mix can be assessed using heliocentric astrology. The Earth-moon twin planets represent the mix at birth. If overbalanced in favour of sapiens the native will stand out in a crowd and not always because everyone else has stepped back. Look to the angles.        
    This genetic mixture, fictionalised by Robert Louis Stevenson in his chemically split  
‘Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde’, represents the duality of your natures, separated and   become demonstrably sequential. To an increasingly less shamanic world this is, of
course, madness, but so marketable. The males Y chromosome is different from sapiens and chimps, but  the mitochondrial DNA from the mother is Homo Sapiens.