The other side of the Apocalypse
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    The Rapture is coming. Christ will receive all holy people. This religious event will occur without warning, but you can get a mail service run by atheists to notify your less fortunate friends, as if you’d know anyone like that.
    The creationist movement gets on apace.
    Some say that the Elohim have repaired the homeworld of the Homosapient and are coming to collect up the descendents of the original Homosapient seeded here and will return them to their new Eden. Be interesting to see who goes.
    If enough go, the planet may recover, hold on though, if they’ve been around for a long, long time, perhaps this has happened before, many times before. Perhaps it’s the ultimate recycling, live on one and sterilise and detoxify the other one, let it lie fallow and leave it to nature to restock it.