The other side of the Apocalypse
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   Beware of Comedians? The really good ones can reprogramme you and turn you into a veritable zomboid displaying cliquishness to the point of mobmind.
     A comedian can make you laugh at the same thing time and time again, some don’t even have to open their mouths, some only use their mouths and some can have you laughing at a photograph of themselves many years after they have passed on.
    Laughing, of course, makes you feel better, it’s fun and you want to repeat the experience, it feels nice. A simple grin makes you feel good by changing the blood flow around the head and you don’t have to be a comedian to raise a grin.
     Many dictators insist that members of their public wear a smile in their presence and not always for the cameras. Torture comes in many guises. Being oppressed and having to grin about it can subtly warp personalities. Being liberated and feeling happy about it can raise an army.
     Consider Adolf Hitler at the Nuremberg rallies; if you didn’t look happy to be in front of the Fuehrer, didn’t have that grim grin of determination, then, perhaps, just perhaps you may be singled out and used for entertainment. Once you grin there is a part of you that feels safe-er and that feeling can be enough to coerce you.      
    If there is something about another persons race, religion, colour, political persuasion, class, sex, wealth or whatever, that amuses you then it’s a good bet that a comedian or a propagandist fed you that wrinkle.
     Some races make themselves the butt of humour to make you feel nice about them, I can’t think of any off hand as I have no wish to lead you.

    Two hippopotami were cooling their feet in a pond.
One says to the other, “I could have sworn it was Thursday”.